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Born in Ankara in 1956, Adnan Oktar writes under the pen name of Harun Yahya. He is a man of faith who has devoted his life to communicating the existence of Almighty Allah and His Oneness, and to spreading the morality of the Qur’an. From his university years on, he has served this holy cause at every phase of his life.

In its 22 April, 2000, edition the world famous magazine Newsweek emphasized the movement towards the fact of creation using a full-page map of the world, and devoted considerable space to Turkey.

Harun Yahya has written hundreds of valuable books. In particular, his books that scientifically refute Darwinism have had great impact throughout the world. New Scientist magazine, known for being an evolutionist publication, describes Harun Yahya as an “international hero:”

[Harun Yahya] is an international hero. His books have spread everywhere in the Islamic world. He has developed his own Islamic creationism. (New Scientist, 22 April 2001)

Adnan Oktar enjoys a wide readership in many countries, from India to America, England to Indonesia, Poland to Bosnia, and Spain to Brazil. His works, that have been translated into almost all languages, enjoy a wide readership overseas.

His books’ wisdom and sincerity, together with a distinct style that is easy to understand, directly affect anyone who reads them. Each one of these books contains sincere, lucid and reliable explanations which cannot be denied by anyone. These features are no doubt a result of the wisdom and lucidity granted by Allah.

Greatly appreciated all around the world, these works have been instrumental in many people recovering faith in Allah and gaining deeper insights into their faith. This is one of the most important features displaying the influence of Harun Yahya’s works throughout the world. A brief statistical examination will make this fact clear:


BOOKS TRANSLATED INTO 57 LANGUAGES The Turkish-language version of the Harun Yahya collection, the result of 25 years of work, consists of a total of 45,000 pages. These works have been translated into 57 languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, Indonesian, Malay, Albanian, Bosnian, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Hebrew, Dutch, Azeri, Finnish, Sinhalese, Malayalam, Bengali, Uzbek, Hausa, Uyghur, Thai, Serbo-Croat, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Polish, Czech, Burmese, Swahili, Swedish, Tamil and Farsi. Some 2 million foreign-language copies of books by Harun Yahya have to date been published in various countries of the world. Many books that have not so far been published are available free of charge on the web site
MORE THAN 250 BOOKS To date, the author’s books have been purchased by 8 million people in Turkey, and an equal number have been provided free to readers by various newspapers and magazines.Greatly appreciated all around the world, these works have been instrumental in many people recovering faith in Allah and gaining deeper insights into their faith. His books’ wisdom and sincerity, together with a distinct style that is easy to understand, directly affect anyone who reads them. Those who seriously consider these books can no longer advocate atheism or any other perverted ideology or materialist philosophy, since these books are characterized by rapid effectiveness, definite results, and irrefutability. Even if they continue to do so, it is only a sentimental insistence, since these books refute such ideologies from their very foundations. All contemporary movements of denial are now ideologically defeated, thanks to the books written by Harun Yahya. This is no doubt a result of the Qur’an’s wisdom and lucidity. The author modestly intends to serve as a means in humanity’s search for Allah’s true path. In addition, the author receives no financial reward from these books. Neither he nor those who publish, market or distribute his books obtain any monetary earnings from them, but serve solely for the sake of Allah’s approval.

Documentary films produced based on Harun Yahya’s works have also been translated into many languages. They are still being broadcast on more than 120 separate TV channels in 36 different countries. So far, 13 million VCD documentaries have been aired around the world. One hundred and fifty local television channels in Turkey broadcast documentaries based on the works of Harun Yahya.

MORE THAN 300 WEBSITES IN APPROXIMATELY 32 LANGUAGESMore than 300 websites in 32 languages provide all of Harun Yahya’s works for free. These websites receive over 4 million visits a month from 167 different countries. And every month, approximately 1 million documentary films, 185,000 books, 50,000 audio productions and 10,000 interactive files are downloaded from these sites onto visitors’ own computers. Some 130,000 people access Harun Yahya websites on a daily basis.
AVAILABLE IN BOOKSTORES IN 40 COUNTRIESHarun Yahya’s works are also available in bookstores in many countries of the world. Also, to date, some 6 million copies of magazines inspired by these works have been printed in Turkey.
CONFERENCES A large number of conferences based on the works of Harun Yahya have been held across the world, some at the best-known universities, from Australia to Canada and from Britain to Malaysia. More than 2,500 conferences have been held in Turkey and other countries.
RADIO PROGRAMS ON MANY RADIO STATIONS IN SOME 20 COUNTRIES Discussion programs and audio productions based on the author’s works are featured on a large number of radio stations in 20 countries. Some 250 local radio stations in Turkey alone regularly broadcast audio recordings based on Harun Yahya’s books.


More than 5,000 articles by Harun Yahya have been published in newspapers and magazines in a number of countries, as well as on those nations’ websites.

In Turkey alone, many articles based on the author’s works have been published in some 500 full-page newspaper spreads. Around 300 announcements by the author on the subjects of the collapse of Darwinism and various social issues have appeared in the Turkish press in the last 2 years.


There are 3 magazines based on the works and ideas of Harun Yahya. These, İlmi Mercek (Scientific Insight), İlmi Araştırma (Scientific Research) and Türk-İslam Birliği (Turkish-Islamic Union), appear at monthly intervals and have a readership of 100,000, making them very popular with the public. To date, these magazines have attracted a total readership of 6 million. A total of 2.5 million items, books and films have been given away free with these magazines, and been handed out to the public.

One of the most important reasons of this success granted by Allah is the aim of making these works accessible, for the intention here is to spread the morality of the Qur’an throughout the world and thus make people reflect upon faith-related issues, and Allah’s existence and His Oneness.

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